Seymour Duncan 35th Anniversary model pickups

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Over recent years Seymour Duncan pickups have become the benchmark for “off the peg” models in both build and signal quality, with the JB model TM becoming the world’s most popular humbucker.

The current production line JB and its sister Jazz model are still wound in the same way as they were in the early days, but with modern updates for today’s discerning guitarists, such as four conductor lead wire, sand-cast magnets, polycarbonate bobbins and short legged bottom plates.

However, for one year only, Seymour Duncan are offering a special 35th Anniversary JB & Jazz set that will have all the quality components of the earliest JB and Jazz models, such as vintage single conductor wire, roughcast Alnico V bar magnets, butyrate bobbins and long legged bottom plates – with a laser engraved 35th Anniversary logo! Needless to say, all the traditional sonic qualities of those early pickups are in there including great sustain, smooth distortion, rich harmonics and that extraordinary clarity for which Seymour

Duncan products are rightly famed. So if your looking to capture that classic SD tone or go for that much needed ‘upgrade’, we recommend that you get your skates on, as these two beauties are likely to sell like proverbial ‘hot cakes.’ For more go to

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