SR Jam100 acoustic amplifiers

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SR amps have been steadily gaining a reputation for both their quality of sound and their solid construction.

Made in Italy, rumour has it at the “other end” of a highly respected and well known manufacturer’s factory, the Jam 100 is the basic model in SR’s Jam series. A rectangular box constructed in birch plywood with a metal grill, it is at 11kg a remarkably lightweight unit that is very easy to move around due to its deep recessed handholds.

Our test unit came in a very stylish natural wood finish, rather than the alternative black moquette or black matt. Carrying a two way biamp with a six-inch woofer and a compression tweeter, it is extraordinarily small and compact for its power output of 100 watts. Having a top mounted control panel means that all the functions are easily accessed and apart from being visually appealing, the layout is clear and uncluttered and the “white on black” makes it easier to see the controls when you really need to. Channels 1 and 2 offer two XLR balanced mic inputs along with two ¼-inch jack unbalanced inputs. Channel 3 has Hi and Low unbalanced inputs, while Channel 4 has unbalanced line inputs with RCA connectors. Channel 5 is the Master section with its balanced direct Line Out. There is also a record out with RCA connectors connected to a record out volume control, phanthom power on/off switch for powering condenser mics and an internal reverb effect control. Each channel has a set of EQ controls which include High, Med and Low settings together with EFF (reverb) and volume. There is also a master volume and a master EFF control. To the rear of the unit is the mains socket, on-off switch and gnd lift.

The Jam 100 is one of the quietest amps we have ever tested – there is no discernible hiss or noise and it delivers a very clean and natural sound with no obvious colouration. The overriding sonic characteristic is one of richness and warmth and dialling in the unit’s internal reverb adds a depth and width to the sound that puts the SR at the top run of acoustic amplifiers. And then there’s that balanced XLR Master output, allowing you to plug it into a more powerful system while you control the mix – what could be better!

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