Kit Downes interview: "Much in the same way John Coltrane did, Olivier Messiaen created a language for himself"

Drawing influence from everyone from Messiaen to W.G. Sebald, keyboardist Kit Downes’ latest album, Dreamlife of Debris, continues his deep explorations of the tonalities of the church organ. Stuart Nicholson spoke with him about his ripening relationship with the ECM imprint and how early experiences with ecclesiastical extemporisation opened him up to a wider world of improvisation

Herbie Hancock: 21 Landmark Albums

Few musicians still active on the jazz scene have a discography as full and varied as Herbie Hancock. His influence on pianists is massive and with experiments in electronic music his approach finds itself going on and on in jazz and dance. Alyn Shipton surveys the milestones of a career in the studio with comments from Hancock along the way

Charlie Parker – Bird Lives!

Charlie Parker changed the direction and sound of jazz and remains as influential today as it was revolutionary in his lifetime.

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