Eric Dolphy: Conversations with the Unseen

Eric Dolphy's death, aged 36 on 29 June 1964, cut short a rare and highly original talent that, in less than four years, had seen him record a number of definitive jazz albums, not least his own singular Blue Note classic, Out to Lunch!. Stuart Nicholson reassesses Dolphy’s unique contribution to jazz

Louis Armstrong: Essential Listening

"The utter vivacity and reliability of Armstrong’s own playing and singing (and the versatility of the various bands) is something to behold"

Thelonious Monk: the man and the myth

Thelonious Monk was an artist regarded by many as something of an outsider during his lifetime, but he was a man whose bold musical birthright now remains undeniable. Brian Priestley speaks with Thelonious’ son, drummer and bandleader T.S. Monk, to chart the legend’s legacy and uncover the roots of his masterful musical innovations

John McLaughlin: The Journey Continues

Retirement? What retirement? It seems the rumours of John McLaughlin hanging up his axe have been greatly exaggerated. The guitarist speaks to Stuart Nicholson about how this latest Indo-jazz quest extends the vision he first explored with Mahavishnu Orchestra and Shakti in new uplifting ways

Larry Young: 10 Essential Albums

Adept at straddling any genre, Larry Young was part of Miles’ Bitches Brew sessions, Tony Williams’ Lifetime and even some one-off sessions with Jimi Hendrix. This is Kevin Le Gendre’s personal guide to the best Larry Young albums

Miles Davis and John Coltrane: Yin and Yang

How did John Coltrane and Miles Davis get on? The odd couple, with contrasting personalities on and off the bandstand. But together the music they produced was peerless

John Coltrane: In the Temple of Trane

Such was John Coltrane's desire to play the unplayable he would at times take the sax from his mouth and begin to chant and sing over the band. Stuart Nicholson looks at events in both Trane’s life, and society at large, which ultimately helped shape a seething soundtrack to this most turbulent of times

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