Match&Fuse Mini-Fest Zaps back to Zurich

Edgy sounds abound at this two-day festival of hard-hitting new jazz

District 5, Hilde Marie Holsen and Sun-Mi Hong
District 5, Hilde Marie Holsen and Sun-Mi Hong

Experimental music promoters Match&Fuse made their first appearance in the Swiss capital with an explosive festival in September 2017, and they return for an equally bold second edition at end of January 2020. Founded in the UK in 2011, Match&Fuse has grown into a pan-European collective, organising music festivals and tours, frequently acting as a catalyst for the exchange and collaboration between some of Europe's most creative music scenes.

In 2018 M&F made an initial visit to Asia with a Japanese mini-fest, and now they present the second festival in Zurich on 31 January-1 February. Held over two days in Moods Club in the middle of Zurich's Kreis 5, six exciting bands and over 20 musicians will meet together for an unmissable event.

In addition, two warm-up events prior to the festival will set the stage, presenting even more exciting music together with Neubad in Lucerne and the JazzBaragge Zurich with performances from trumpeter Hilde Marie Holsen and Tanche featuring guitarist Christian Zemp, both appearing on 24 January.

The international line-up spans groups from Norway, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Japan with appearances from the JazzBaragge Jam Band, District Five, Ark Noir, Sun-Mi Hong Quintet, Gauthier Toux and Dublin-based Alarmist.

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