Duende New EVO cajon

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cajons are becoming increasingly popular in acoustic ensembles and there are now numerous models being produced by the various percussion manufacturers to suit both the small and the large purse.

We decided to look at a new mid-range cajon from one of the smaller specialist companies based in Seville, Spain, who have a family history that is closely linked to the birthplace of the cajon and the art of flamenco.

The New Evo is typical of the Duende company’s attention to detail, quality craftmanship and innovative designs. Built with a birch wood front plate on an Okume wood chassis, the New Evo has an adjustable, two string vertical snare system set in a ‘V’ form, which is tuneable via a couple of machine heads set on a bar at the base of the instrument. These can be accessed via a hole in the rear panel, allowing the front plate to be glued to the body rather than screwed, which produces a much more compressed and tighter sound. Definitely louder than other cajons that have passed through our hands in the past, the New Evo has a wide dynamic range, and responds well at either end of the spectrum. Separation is good and there is a solid, full, rich, deep bass, a well defined clarity to the middle and a top where you can achieve crisp, clear slaps. Exceptionally lightweight, the New Evo has four rubber feet to hold it in place, while the seat comes with a non-slip surface – just in case.

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