Ferguson Hill FH007 and FH008 Studio Speaker Systems

Ferguson Hill speakers don’t come in a standard wood casing.

Their approach is space aged, using perspex and steel and the results are astounding. The system includes a stylish 16 watt amplifier in a brushed steel case carrying a single volume knob to the front face, two clear perspex horn speakers that carry both treble and mid range, two perspex spherical bass speakers and a big black perspex FH008 bass subwoofer. We initially tested the system without the FH008 using a sax/guitar/bass/drums quartet CD and found that although the sonic reproduction of the sax, guitar and drums through the horn speakers was nothing short of stunning (and I use that word advisedly), there was limited depth and width to the spherical bass speakers to truly bring out the best of the upright bass.

Adding the FH008 to the mix however, literally felt as though you were bringing the band to life, with an extraordinary reality to the reproduction of the tone and timbre in the bass range – you could actually be forgiven for thinking that you were sitting in a club listening to the band live! Clarity is key with any sound system and the audio and design technology that has been used here has produced a remarkable combination of a clean, clear sound with exceptional separation and with every nuance of sound being faithfully reproduced. This is a sound system like no other and I can only recommend that you take a listen sooner rather than later – you’ll be amazed. For more go to www.fergusonhill.co.uk

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