JVC HA-NC120 and HAS600-B Headphones

As the competition hots up, it seems design departments at many of the major headphone manufacturers have almost by necessity gone into creative overdrive.

First there were memory foam ear pads that offered the wearer a way of personalising their cans with the added advantage of 80 per cent plus noise reduction. Now with an eye to the ‘compact’ market JVC have introduced two new fully foldable models that incorporate all the very latest design features while at the same time raising the bar in sound quality and clarity.

 The cans of both the NC120 and the S600-B fold back into the headband using a cleverly designed hinge/swivel system which means that they can easily be stashed inside a jacket pocket, and in the case of the NC120, an attractive leatherette pouch. With no loose cabling to worry about either the NC120, is equipped with a nifty retractable cable that locks into a purpose-built port to the side of the left can, with a returning button that is activated by a lug on the reverse of the connector head. The S600-B by contrast unusually carries two cables – one to the left and one to the right can. This we can only presume has something to do with the use of carbon compound diaphragms, clearly an inspired move, as the result is a very impressive “all around” sound.

For more go to www.jvc.co.uk

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