MOOG Little Phatty Stage 11 analogue synthesiser

Many will probably remember the Minimoog synthesisers with equal amounts of affection and frustration! The latest incarnation from Moog music and their Little Phatty family is the Little Phatty Stage 11, which like it’s predecessors, the Stage and the Tribute Edition puts the performer in control of a 100 per cent analogue signal path, two ultra stable voltage controllers, a voltage controlled filter and other features like CV and KB gate inputs, a full MIDI controller and an external audio input.

There are however some new features on the Little Phatty Stage 11, which include MIDI over USB, an arpeggiator and a MIDI clock sync. The former allows the player flexibility to run a laptop/softsynth setup, or to connect the Little Phatty directly to a computer running Editor/Librarian.

The arpeggiator is a great new performance feature with a myriad applications, which can also be sync’d to the MIDI clock, allowing the player to synchronise the LFO and arpeggiator rate to the tempo of your MIDI sequencer, drum machine or software, offering perfectly timed modulations to go with your rhythm tracks and the arpeggiator.
With a 37 note 3 Octave (C to C) keyboard and an octave button to give an effective range of 7 octaves, along with a phenomenal 32 live performance presets, together with a six source, four destination modulation section which opens up possibilities that were never available on the earlier models – the Little Phatty is a powerhouse of a player.

Added to which, you can now re-calibrate the pitch wheel, oscillators and note range yourself with the built in calibration system – this stylish 21st century Moog no longer has to go back to base! For all these various soundscape options, a Moog is still a Moog. But the Little Phatty11 has certainly brought an added extra dimension to the electronic sonic palette and the world of synthesised sound.

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