PTrumpet Plastic Trumpet

We reviewed the PTrumpet’s sister PBone back in our February 2013 issue and loved the fun and functionality of the instrument.

Like the PBone, the PTrumpet is very light sporting a utilitarian design and comes with a 5C mouthpiece rather than the standard trumpet 7C. All the tubing follows straight through (for ease of manufacture), apart from the crooks that are formed at a sharp right angle, rather than the usual curved profile.

There is a single sprung spit-key on the main tuning slide but interestingly there’s no way of adjusting the first and third valves, although this shouldn’t present any serious problems. The valves are of a traditional design: unscrewing at the bottom and there is good resistance to the springs. Clearly plastic doesn’t react the same as brass when it warms up. Our sample didn’t leak, was in tune and played well with the fingers sitting nicely on the valve heads.

We did however find that when two valves are down, there is more obvious resistance than with just the one depressed. Like the PBone, we were once again pleasantly surprised by the mellow tone of this instrument – although it was a little quiet. Fitting the house 3C brass mouthpiece livened up the session! All round the PTrumpet is great fun and we have to say – perfectly giggable.

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