Stage Works Gear – Stage Works Mat

The Stage Works Mat is a simple non-slip pedal mat, which was originally designed for keyboard pedals with the input of pianist/ producer Andy Murray, who was looking for an alternative and more flexible way to stabilise his keyboard pedal, as ‘gaffa tape’ is not only very restrictive, but also very expensive.

Stage Works and Murray came up with a triple layer solution, that has the top layer absorbing the initial jolt, while the middle layer cushions the impact, with the base layer giving maximum grip. The resulting ‘triple layer technology’ mats not only fit under the keyboard, bass drum or high hat pedal but also act as a foot rest and are lightweight, flexible and small enough to be packed into a keyboard bag or a cymbal case.

The marketing blurb tells us that they are designed to work on ‘the most challenging surfaces’ – so we took that literally. We tested the twin pack on a laminate floor under a Tama Cobra hi-hat stand and a Tama Cobra bass drum pedal linked to a Yamaha electronic kit kick drum. Smooth laminate flooring has always proved to be one of the toughest of challenges, particularly with a bass drum pedal attached to a lightweight kick pad. However, with the Stage Gear mats in place, the whole setup remains stable. There’s no movement whatsoever – it does what it says on the tin.

Not only do these Stage Works mats make a good alternative to the old drum rug, but we also reckon that they would also be ideal for use in the studio allowing a kit to ‘speak’, as a drum rug invariably deadens and muffles any ambient sound. At under £12 a pair, they are every drummer, guitarist and keyboard player’s essential accessory.

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