Stagg Vintage Bronze Cymbals

When they first became available back in 2006 Stagg’s top-end Vintage Bronze cymbal range drew considerable attention with the kind of dark, warm tone associated with older premium brand Turkish-style cast-bronze cymbals, but at the kind of price you’d expect to pay for a mid-price European pressed cymbal.

Made in China from B20 cast bronze that’s hand-hammered and finished with an earthy aged appearance, the sound has echoes of 1950s and 60s cast cymbals and has now been expanded with a line of Thin Crash models. The Vintage Bronze sound features a rich, slightly trashy tone with complex punchy crashes and good stick articulation on the ride cymbals and, perhaps not surprisingly, have become increasingly popular among jazz players, especially those

JVC headphones on limited budgets. Being mostly hand made each cymbal has its own unique characteristics so drummers will find subtle variations in sound with each cymbal to suit their own style. The range features Medium Splashes, Medium Crashes, Medium Rides, Medium Ride Sizzle and Medium Hi Hat models available in all the most popular sizes, with recommended prices from £38 for an 8inch Splash to £299 for a 22in Ride. The new Thin Crash models come in 14in, 16in and 18in with the distinctive Vintage Bronze finish but have a lighter weight and faster decay and are priced at £57.40, £88.20 and £120 respectively. (JN) For more go to

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