Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano

The CP1 is the flagship model in a new range of updated and upgraded instruments from the groundbreaking CP series that revolutionised the creative performance options of gigging pianists over 30 years ago.

Maintaining the original CP product concept, the CP1 now boasts newly developed technology and functionality, with a completely redesigned core sound technology. Its unique Spectral Component Modeling tone generation system recreates the sounds of pure acoustic and classic vintage instruments with a degree of accuracy that Yamaha tell us is unmatched by any other digital instrument.

This modeling system perfectly compliments the all new NW-STAGE wooden key action, which draws on Yamaha’s 100 years of expertise in producing keyboard actions known for their consistency and balance. With synthetic ivory topped keys, the action offers perfect playability and authenticity by minimizing vibration and distortion, making the CP1, in Yamaha’s own words ‘the most expressive stage piano ever created’.

Needless to say, the CP1 carries a sophisticated set of master keyboard functions. For example, up to four virtual zones can be set up along the keyboard and assigned to separate tone generators, including external MIDI devices. The instrument comes with classic wooden side panels and a vintage textured top panel reminiscent of iconic keyboards from the past. It also sports a vacuum florescent display and brushed aluminium knobs and switches. I’m getting a flashback! For more go www.yamahasynth.com

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