Yamaha Mark IV Disklavier

The Mark IV Series Disklaviers offer everything that has made their predecessors so highly prized, plus a raft of new features such as an improved, graphical user interface and vastly larger internal music storage, as well as new entertainment functions and touch-screen ease of use.

The seven models in the Mark IV line replace current Disklavier models DGC1A and above. All of them feature new, open-ended software-based architecture that will facilitate future upgrades and expansions, enhancing the versatility of Mark IVs for years to come. For the first time on any Disklavier, they also include built-in, high-capacity hard drives for easy, high-volume storage of MIDI song files, CD-audio and personal digital images. In comparison, while a Mark III Disklavier's system of flash memory drives hold the equivalent of 16 floppy disks, the Mark IV's hard drive holds roughly the equivalent of 80,000 floppy disks! This figure illustrates the quantum leap in step-up features found on the Mark IV. Extra memory will come in handy to store hundreds of audio CDs internally.

"The Disklavier line has always been about innovation and improvement, and the Mark IV Series is the next logical step in that heritage," says Dane Madsen, Disklavier marketing manager of Yamaha Piano Division. "More than ever, it is a complete system for home entertainment and enjoyment, while it remains a top-notch musical instrument for the most demanding connoisseur."

"With Mark IV's many new features and hardware improvements, Yamaha did not need to re-invent the wheel, but rather, build the musical equivalent of jet engines!" product manager Cameron Shearer says when comparing the specs of the new Mark IV to those of the previous Mark III models.

While previous Disklavier models have included a remote control, the Mark IV series takes that feature well beyond the next level: all Mark IV models include the Pocket Remote Controller (PRC-100), a wireless remote with dedicated buttons and a full-color LCD touch screen. In addition to the PRC, several models also feature the Tablet Remote Controller (TRC-100), a 10.4-inch, portable, color, touch-screen control panel.

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