ZT Club Amplifier

There’s been a lot of positive Tweeting over the past few months about this neat little 12” combo from the American ZT company that measures just 14” X 15” X 9.

25”. Coming hot on the heels of ZT’s mighty little blaster the Lunchbox that packs a powerful, but beautifully clean punch into a pint pot, the Club with its 12” speaker moves to bring some depth and warmth to the proceedings.

Like the Lunchbox, separation and clarity is, as our transatlantic friends would say – awesome. There’s stacks of headroom and with an output of an average sustainable 200 watts coupled with a fully customised speaker driver, you won’t be surprised to learn that it’s clean right the way through. That’s not to say however that you can’t get some interesting tonal variations – tweek the gain and treble settings and the Club will really roar. But the great thing about this baby is that even when you push it towards overdrive mode, it still retains that rich, warm tone.

The top panel controls are recessed into the cab and each comes with a solid knurled nylon knob, with reverb, treble, bass, volume and gain joining a 1/4” jack input. The rear panel offers a 1/4” plug in connection for headphone/ line out , a switch between the internal and external speaker, a 115V or 230V option, a power switch and a plug in cord connection – which on our sample was slightly loose - mental note: make sure you push home fully.

Coming in at 10kg, it’s a little heavier than its lighter weight stablemates and it doesn’t yet come with a rain/dust jacket. But it does fill a much needed gap in the marketplace for a manageable, sweet sounding amp that is as much at home in a club – as its name suggests, as it is in a large concert hall.

For more go to www.ztamplifiers.com

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