Marilyn Mazur's Shamania: Rerooting

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Rating: ★★★★

Record and Artist Details


Lotte Anker (ts, ss)
Sissel Vera Petterson (v, as)
Lis Wessberg (tb)
Hildegunn Øiseth (t, goat horn)
Anna Lund (d)
Marilyn Mazur (comp, perc, bale, kalimba)
Josefine Cronholm (v)
Ida Gormsen (b)
Lisbeth Diers (perc)
Makiko Hirabayashi (tr)


Clap Your Hands


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Rec. January 2022

Leave it to Marilyn Mazur to take us back to our roots: to Gaia. Mother Earth. Our Selves. Brimming with creativity, strafed with witchy magic and life-affirming verve, this fabulous recording returns the veteran Danish percussionist/composer to her career origins, pre-Miles, way before Jan Garbarek.

From 1978 to 1986 Mazur and her Primi Band, an all-female theatre ensemble, channelled a primal, anything goes energy; Mazur's 10-strong Scandi outfit Shamania take up the baton here. Released on Clap Your Hands, a label with a remit to explore the creative process, Rerooting is powerful, emboldened by its right to fail. A focus on rhythm, body and voice heightens the shamanic vibe; lauded jazz singers Josefine Cronholm and Sissel Vera Petterson are clarion-like on ‘The Birds Are Early Out’, a divine swirl of timbres and nuances, vast horizons and inky depths – and a highlight among 16 compositions of varying vintage. ‘Coloured Minds’ is both delicate (Mazur's kalimba) and robust (Hirabayashi's prepared piano); ‘Shamamalibas’ is a lively exchange between goathorn, percussion, congas and soprano sax.

Mazur closes with the solo ‘Gongs for Peace’, a treat for fans and a plea for the planet. Awesome stuff.

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